Escalate Recruitment is the recruitment arm of myHRdept, who are a boutique supplier of outsourced HR services based to the West of London, established in 2002.

What type of roles does Escalate recruit for? 

HR, not surprisingly, but we also recruit for all support role. We’ve placed PA/Office Managers, marketeers, finance roles, even forensic scientists! We recruit for myHRdept’s clients (who span sectors – from celebrity chefs to the space industry) but also we’ll recruit for anyone who has a need that we can help with. Recruitment Executive Rob Ally has a particular interest in high tech vacancies, but the team cover all disciplines.

What’s the point of difference?

We’re HR people as well as recruiters. If you’re not a client already, we’ll review and update your employment contracts for free with your first recruitment.  How many other recruitment companies do that?!

How do we recruit?

We have access to all of the main CV databases, giving us access to the broadest range of candidates (literally hundreds of thousands) we advertise all vacancies on the nation’s most popular job boards (free with exclusive vacancies) and we search using Linked In and other recruiter tools

What do we charge?

There are no up front fees. If you’re a not a myHRdept retained client our rates are attractive at 15 – 18% per vacancy. If you’re a myHRdept client and if you’re prepared to grant Escalate Recruitment just 10 working days exclusivity, we’ll lop another 25% off the final bill. We don’t think you’ll find a better quote, but if you do we’ll consider a price-match (because it’s a competitive world out there.)

Supporting HR teams

So you’re an HR practitioner? As well as recruiting new HR people for you, we support HR teams, picking up excess workload, legal cases, ER investigations and processes. We undertake the same sort of work as law firms but we have oodles of workplace experience because we’re all either ex-industry HR people or ex lawyers. That means we can add value in a much wider context than an employment solicitor….and we won’t charge you £300 an hour!

We can supplement your team, recruit new team members and assist you in providing the very best HR service to your business in the most economical way. Follow this link to see how we support HR teams

Meet the team

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Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager - Electronics, Buckinghamshire

An excellent opportunity has arisen for an experienced Marketing Manager to join independent company with nearly 50 years of trading history selling to mainly commercial electrical cable & component users nationwide. You will be responsible for planning and implementing marketing strategies designed to drive B2B market penetration and sales growth within this industrial electrical product arena within the UK. An in-depth understanding of the electronics OR electrical components industry and the business model is essential.

Job Description:

Your main duties will include:

  • To analyse, measure and optimise the company’s existing marketing strategy and implement any recommended changes.
  • To design and implement an array of traditional marketing strategies across the broad spectrum of products targeting various industry sectors.
  • To oversee and align digital marketing strategy and manage our team of 1 DM
  • To work closely with Product Managers to enhance & develop a strategic product mix which will maximise market penetration.
  • To undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment and consumer trends and use resultant knowledge to optimise our price strategy.
  • To be part of the Senior Management Team with input into all areas of the business.

What are we looking for:

  • Proven industry marketing experience.
  • Experience in the electronics OR electrical components’  
  • Good organizational skills including prioritizing, scheduling, time management, and meeting deadlines.
  • Current knowledge of all digital marketing forms such as social media marketing and content marketing.
  • Abundant financial acumen to analyse commercial results and new market opportunities
  • Competent with Microsoft Word and Excel and ERP/CRM systems

If you’re interested in this vacancy… Don’t delay, send your application to

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